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Hamg Kra Nham Neak 1.8K Views Posted Date: 28/12/2017

BANG !!! The fireworks are celebrated at the graduation party. Liu ... the eldest daughter of The President of Thai-Chinese Trade Association The people in the industry know that Tee is a great goddess of the Thai gangster industry. But at the end of the firecracker. The body of a tee must fall down when he is hit by an unknown bullet that hits the upper arm. If they do not bend down to embrace their beloved daughter, sit down. The ammunition shot was cut to his heart. I knew immediately that the incident was a skill. I have a friend who is struggling with the difficulties of serving in a casino. Both can step up to the top pyramids. In the industry are well known. When there are tee, there are teas. But now they both have to be incompatible. I do not want to tease Tsu from the tiger itself.