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Virak kam banji khmao

The story of the Maha Hin or Stone, a famous connoisseur who must be worn out as a stone. (Treasure / Jana) care for his sister Sand and one grandson because his brother is clay Surasak. Was killed and the house was plundered by the teacher. The range (Adan / Can), the teacher of the stone, has sent sand and one to live with the light. Later, when the sand was brutally killed by the neck strap from the tiger's prowess (prowess / coronation), the loyal followers of the tigers (Daphne). I'm not sure if this is a good idea. The father of the wind (Luang Prabang / Paisarn), former friend of the stone and rain Luang (Piyamas / Pee) The wind is already love is Cha Cha Wong Somkiat. (Vidida / Ruddapa), the daughter of his stepfather, nobleman, kidnapped the rain by hiding it with help from the sink. I do not know what to do. In the meantime, the stepfather acknowledges that the rain was taken to hide in the village of the light and sent to his subordinates to the chase, but fortunately, Shada, which was close to the rain, helped to catch up with the rain brought home and I saw the corpse of the headman floating with the wind to know that the stone was captured by the rain, so the teacher took a hostage to squeeze the stone appears when the two great rock to fight to fight. At the point where the two fight together with the wind to kill the stone because of misunderstanding that the stone killed the village headman, but the tigers Tim (Manop / -) owned a casino in the village near the head of the floating to tell the truth. So, we have to get rid of our stepfather, honor tigers and tigers.


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