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kak mot kmoj

(Pook - Nuttawut Sarin), a millionaire who is obsessed with superstition and do not care about the business. He shows up with Junho (Tao - Somchai Brooch I miss him, cause his beloved wife died. The son is still a baby. After that, the party abandoned all work. Turned out to play the superstition to fully seek revenge Junhyung. But eventually he died. Before death, he put gold coins on one side, carved into a bird and the other side was a flower pattern. And coins with the same pattern many coins. View user's profile Send private message The monks that he respects and that put the gold medal in his mouth is a "silver", and the silver coins are sprinkled in the coffin. Even though he died, he was still a nomadic spirit waiting for revenge. Luang Ta Yoo I do not know what to do.


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